Foolproof Ways to Choose your Neighborhood and Up Your Value

Suburban residential street with red brick houses

Deciding where to buy a home can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. According to a recent RealtyTimes report, if you have a built-in reason to choose one area over another (it’s close to work; it’s where you grew up and you’re emotionally tied to it; there’s a rumor about a professional […]

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Luxury Homes in the South Bay Are Top Sellers

309 8th Steet, manhattan beach,

The Coldwell Banker Luxury Market Report that just came out reveals that the Los Angeles Metro area, primarily affluent neighborhoods such as Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, is number two when it comes to the number of luxury homes sold in the $1 million-plus category, just behind New York City. The number of luxury homes in the […]

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Hermosa Beach Schools get a boost from local support

Hermosa Beach Schools

The local school system in the South Bay is incredible by anyone’s standards. Just check out the information on the local schools that we have on our own website. These schools are partially so wonderful because of the tremendous effort that parents put in to help raise money for the campuses, add value to the […]

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The West Coast is a Seller’s Market

seller's market

The West Coast is a seller’s market right now. As the spring buying season is heating up, it’s starting to become evident that when it comes the local South Bay real estate right now, seller’s have the advantage.  The most recent study conducted by Zillow confirms that a seller’s market is not necessarily one in […]

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Millions Want To Buy Right Now

manhattan beach pier

According to the  Zillow Housing Confidence Index (ZHCI), there are millions of people just eagerly waiting to purchase property, right now. First-time buyers are finding a difficult task ahead of them in the South Bay as there is such a low inventory. So many buyers have to compete for the few properties listed in the […]

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Relocating to the South Bay? We know what you need

south bay relocation

So many people have been relocating to the South Bay recently for the weather, the booming Aerospace industry, the great schools, and the stunning shorelines. Of course, they all need new homes out here, and we think it’s very important to stay informed on what people want when they relocate here. We recently read about […]

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This Winter, the Luxury Market Sizzled

home sweet home

Luxury homes have been selling so well this past winter that, in fact, you could say it is “sizzling.” Homes that are priced more that $1 million have been selling rapidly, and a recent report by the National Association of REALTORS confirms it. And home prices have been going up as well – in fact, the […]

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Let’s take a look at Manhattan Beach

1210 2nd St. Ext

While looking at the local numbers today, we realized something wonderful: inventory in Manhattan Beach is starting to ramp up. After a steady decline over the winter months, the number of Manhattan Beach homes listed on the market as active has skyrocketed in February 2014. Just take a look at the 90-day trends:     […]

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Men, Women, and Home Crushes


We’re a little late for Valentine’s Day, but we recently read a Survey about how men and women tend to like different things about properties and we really enjoyed it. Though 69% of the people surveyed admit that they gey “house crushes” – when they love a particular property so much they are drawn back to […]

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We Know What Millennials Want

We know what millennials want. Millennials are the generation born between 1980 and 2000, and we know what they want because Giovanni Altamura himself is a millennial. This youngest generation with buying power has grown up in a tech-heavy world with different needs and wants than the Baby Boomers. In a nutshell, here’s what’s important […]

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